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Barge Services

Our 23 metre multi-purpose catamaran

is ideal for all of your marine needs!


  Services include:

  • Aquaculture Support

      We have extensive experience working within the salmon farming industry and can work both               collaboratively or independently within the aquaculture sector.

  • General Cartage

     From aquaculture cages to dumb barges, we are equipped to tow a diverse range of structures           and vessels. 

  • Freight Delivery 

       We have the capacity to deliver to locations all over NZ. 


  • Hiab Crane System

       We have the capacity to lift from 8400kg @ 2.4m to 920kg @ 16.1m with our 

       Hiab Hiduo 258 E-6  crane system.

  • A-frame & Winch Combo

       Our lift capacity is 10 tonne.

  • Salvage

       With our Hiab crane system, A-frame, winch and commercial diving qualifications, we are                       equipped to help with a variety of salvage needs. 


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